Cute foreigner~ haha

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Today, we're having a Try-out. It has been the second try-out from Education Government (I don't really know how to say in English, but maybe like that, haha)
And as usual, we practice our dance first, then go home. While we're in the angkot, there's a foreigner. I don't know where he from, but he talks English.
The angkot driver ask where do him would like to go. Then, the English man answer, "Kaijang Plabuyhen". My friend heard about it and was confused, and so do the angkot driver. After that, the English man took a piece of paper to the angkot driver, and the angkot driver says, "Oh. Kijang Pelabuhan." "How much?" ask the English man.
"Dua puluh lima ribu." "How much?" the English confused.
"Dua puluh luma ribu."
I shout to my friend to told the foreigner twenty-five thousand rupiahs, my friend tergagap and he didn't told to the foreigner ==
Then the English man look into the angkot and ask us "How much?"
We say, "Twenty-five thousands rupiah, sir!"
The English man took his bag and wanna climb into the angkot but the angkot driver say again, "Lima puluh ribu."
And again, the English man confused. He ask us, "What did he say?"
We answer, "He say fifty thousand rupiah."
The English man talked to the angkot driver, "Forty?" "Lima puluh!" "Forty please~" "Tidak, Lima puluh!"
The English disagree and gone away.

Haha, the incident happens so cute.
But I think it is so hard to be travel around a place where we totally got no clue about it. And it also dangerous because we maybe get fooled or harmed by the local people.
So, be careful guys!

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Happy New Year 2013!!

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Happy New Year 2013 all my dear readers & followers!
New year, new life, new hope, new me, new us ;)
Keep supporting me by always open my blog, haha
I hope in this brand new year,
We all can learn more & achieve more than last year.
Hope that everything will run smoothly.
But don't ever forget where we come from.
Keep the smile, leave the tear.
Think of joy, forget the fear.
Hold the laugh, leave the pain.
Be joyous! Be grateful!
Always Thank God for what you're learn&achieve
Always believe God will give you the best.
Happy New Year 2013 :D

Sincerely, Christine Caitlin Zill 
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120510 SHINee’s Taemin is an ‘angelic version’ of Super Junior’s Kim Heechul?

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Super Junior member Kim Heechul revealed a photo of himself being compared to SHINee memberTaemin.
On May 11th, the singer shared the photo above and wrote, “Taemin was only 16 years old the first time I saw him… the manager hyungs said that he was an angelic version of me, but now he’s already 20 years old. He’s grown so much… but the problem is, I’m now 30!”
Netizens were shocked to see the two side by side, as they truly did resemble one another. Heechul rocked a long, light-brown hairstyle during the beginning of Super Junior’s career, and Taemin recently sported the same look for SHINee’s “Sherlock“.
Wow, they do look alike,” netizens wrote in response, along with “They’re 10 years apart?”, and “They look like brothers.”
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SHINee Sherlock MV (Screenshoot)

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SHINee 2012 Comeback Photo-Teaser (Jonghyun)

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Shinee JonghyunSM Entertainment continues its teasing of Shawols by releasing photo’s of the final member of SHINeetoday with Jonghyun‘s “Sherlock” teaser photo’s.
SM have slowly released one teaser everyday over the last week of SHINee and fans just can’t get enough.
The theme of the teasers seem to be retro hippie era that each member showcases.
Jonghyun SherlockWith the last member now revealed, who is ready for the return of SHINee!?
Source: Forever_SHINee

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SHINee 2012 Comeback Photo-Teaser (Key)

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Shinee KeyBoy band SHINee is preparing for their 2012 comeback and to start, S.M Entertainment is releasing a series of teaser photo’s of the boys to satisfy SHAWOLS.
So far the group has released three of the five members teaser photo concept with OnewTaemin andMinho. But with the release of Key, fans are now only awaiting the release of the last member Jonghyun.
Shinee key SherlockShinee key SherlockWho is excited for the return of SHINee? From the looks of the teasers, it seems like S.M might have over spent on EXO teasers and left no money to buy outfits for SHINee.
Source: Forever_SHINee

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SHINee 2012 Comeback Photo-Teaser (Onew)

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SHINee Onew Unveils Teaser Images for "Sherlock"

After unveiling the teaser images of SHINee members Taemin and Minho, it's leader Onew who graces us with his teaser images.
SHINee are making a comeback with their new mini album titled "Sherlock."
On March 10, the teaser images of Onew were revealed through SM Town's official website.
While the previously released concept images had members Taemin and Minho take off their shirts, Onew's seemed to show off his unique charms through a mysterious, cute and more gentle concept.

Starting March 8, SM Entertainment released teaser images of the members for the excitement of netizens and fans alike. The teaser images have been a hot topic on online communities and fans are still speculating about SHINee's brand-new concept for this round of promotions.
Meanwhile, SHINee's fourth mini album "Sherlock," is scheduled for release on March 21, announcing SHINee's return to the music scene with infectious beats.
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SHINee 2012 Comeback Photo-Teaser (Taemin)

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SM Entertainment Releases SHINee's Tae Min Teaser Image for "Sherlock"
Fascination is the idea… are you impressed?
Mysterious and dreamlike are the words SM Entertainment used to describe the atmosphere of theTaemin‘s teaser for “Sherlock” on March 9th.
Fans in the USA, however, are not impressed. With many fans having used words like “creepy”, “uncomfortable”, and “porn-like” to describe the now controversial images.
It’s true “Sherlock” is a big change from the boy band’s usual upbeat or female heartbreaker persona. As a fan myself, I was completely shocked at the images.
SM Entertainment Releases SHINee's Tae Min Teaser Image for "Sherlock"
Fans are now waiting to see what Key, Jong Hyun and Onew images will look like.
Meanwhile, SHINee‘s “Sherlock” album is scheduled to be released on March 21st.
What do you guys think of the new concept images?
Source: SHINee’s Official Facebook Page

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SHINee 2012 Comeback Photo-Teaser (Minho)

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Shinee Minho
The suggestive teaser picture for Shinee‘s upcoming mini-album “Sherlock” has become a hot issue.
In advance of the “Sherlock” mini-album release, which is scheduled for March 21, Shinee announced plans to release teaser pictures one by one to wet the appetites of their fans. 
The half-naked picture of Minho with curly hair, which was released today, is a play on the French boy concept and a whole new look and feel for the boys. Upon seeing the teaser pictures, Netizens commented:
“I’m so excited for this album!”
“I can’t tell what the concept is?”
“Minho looks like he jumped out of a cartoon.”
What do you think of the French boy concept? To be honest, the picture almost looks like soft porn to me. Are you guys excited for Shinee’s comeback?
Source: Xports News

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About Troublemaker :D

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4Minute Hyuna and Beast Jang Hyunseung done well with their activities. They named themselves 'Troublemaker'. But they are anything but leaving their both respective groups. They're bringing the atmosphere of "jaw-dropping with the nice feel on stage".

'Troublemaker', Hyuna and Jang Hyunseung, we meet up at Yeongdeungpo-gu, Yeoido, Seoul at 2PM. The first question asked was about their kiss performance during MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Award) 2011 on the previous 29th. At that time, the provocative act of the fiery kiss between Hyuna and Hyunseung, amazed everyone.

Hyunseung·Hyuna own side of story behind the kiss

During that scene, APink who watched the stage said to interview, "We were shocked too as we never expected it" "Hyuna unnie was really shy when she came down from the stage and Hyunseung oppa is like 'well, I did it'".

Particularly, Hyuna was feeling rather bold, "ever since rehearsal, I was already trembling with nervousness and my hands were sweating" "But I tremble more after the debut stage" she recalls. Jang Hyunseung said "Falling on stage could be one of the accidental situation" "It felt like a burden but when the stage ended, the other Beast members told me that I was 'cool'".

Since the beginning, both of them looked perfect that their breath didn't appear sluggish (worked perfectly together). Even though they're from the same agency and are colleagues, this oppa, dongsaeng were often so awkward. Jang Hyunseung said "At first, it's not easy since we barely know each other personally" "I never realized that Hyuna likes to do aegyos a lot. On stage, she looks so original…".

"Practice bug Hyunseung oppa, the real celebrity".
The director from their agency, Cube Entertainmentm said that 'Troublemaker' is a 'mixed performance group that will give out a fresh feeling'. Hyuna has her own solo album, means in reality, Beast member, Jang Hyunseung is the actual highlight of the performance unit. Beast members have kept his personal activity in silence.

"While the other members have personal activities to do, I rather spend a lot of my time practicing. I don't know if I'm becoming an addict, but I felt like going back to my trainee days where I thought everything is just not enough. I spend around 12hours practicing at the studio. Sometimes, I feel restless if I don't practice."

Hyuna too acknowledged of him being a practice bug. Hyuna said "Hyunseung has a lot of greed on stage" "If you go to the studio in the early morning, you will meet Hyunseung oppa"

This mixed unit, Troublemaker, is doing well live with Hyuna's high key and Jang Hyunseung's stage presence.

Jang Hyunseung, what's behind this nickname, JS? "I'll reveal it on the day of my comeback"

Rather than the usual fashion, Jang Hyunseung with the stylists are together in search for their so many costumes. In this unit, he rather used the stage name 'JS'. He said "Originally, I want to use that name rather than my real name when Beast doing their activities," as for the meaning of it, Jang Hyunseung responded "On the day of my first stage, I will reveal it through Twitter".

These two people actually have much things in common like a liking towards pizzas but somewhere off the usual when their stares change when on stage. They also added that other than 'Troublemaker' there are other possible units like Beast Yang Yoseob, 4Minute Heo Gayoon. Both are their respective teams' main vocalists thus it will later show something different to look forward to.

"Please anticipate a lot for 'Troublemaker' from Beast Jang Hyunseung, 4Minute Hyuna. Rather than just a provocative and rapping in the song, I want to show you my best performance." (Hyuna)

On the 4th of SBS is the first stage for 'Troublemaker', on the 5th to London, England and on the 13th to Sao Paulo, Brazil for 'United Cube Concert'.
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SHINee - The First (First Japanese album)

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CD + DVD + 88P Photobook + THE FIRST Original Playbutton + THE FIRST Original Calendar

- The WHOLE album’s songs will be included inside the PLAYBUTTON
- “The First” Original Calendar – 2012 year
- All 88 Pages Photo booklet. Pictures taken in London.

- CD includes 12 songs with 5 instrumental music tunes.
- DVD Includes:
1. Japan Debut Premium Reception Digest Movie in Japan – Replay Single Live Stage (All 5 Stages)
2. First Jacket Shooting Sketch


CD + DVD + 68P Photobook + THE FIRST Original Table Calendar

- “The First” Original TABLE Calendar – 2012 year
- All 68 Pages Photo booklet. Pictures taken in London.

- CD includes 12 songs with 5 instrumental music tunes.
- DVD Includes:
1. Japan Debut Premium Reception Digest Movie in Japan – Replay Single Live Stage (All 5 Stages)


CD + 44P Photobook

- 1 Photocard (RANDOM, total of 5 different photocards available)
- All 44 Pages Photobooklet. (Pictures in London not included)
- A Bonus Track – Song written by a collab effort of Jap + Korean composer for [Strangers6]‘s [Stranger] is included!
- B2 Sized Poster Included!

- CD includes a total of 13 songs w/ 5 Instrumental Music Tunes
- (No DVD)

Source : Official SHINee Japan Website via shiningshawols
English Trans : NINGZzhi @
Source Finder : nikitz
Credit : SFI
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